What is an ASC?

ASC is the acronym for “Ambulatory Surgery Center”, which is a facility for patient surgeries that do not require a hospital stay. An ASC is a health care facility that meets very strict guidelines for care in providing surgical services in an outpatient setting.

Why choose an ASC?

Current technology and surgical expertise now allow many surgeries to be done at an ASC. Patients at the DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach benefit from the technology, surgical expertise and personal attention that combine to create a pleasant experience and rapid recovery. DISC’s Surgical Center is on the leading edge of technology, utilizing the most current innovations. Using the least invasive surgical techniques possible, DISC physicians provide patients the opportunity to recover fully and return rapidly to their normal lifestyle.

Set in a comforting, private environment, DISC offers patients a highly attentive, personalized surgical experience. Patients are welcomed for surgery in entirely HEPA & UVC filtered surgical suites, reducing their risk of infection and assuring a rapid recovery. Maintaining a low daily patient flow, DISC offers patients an unmatched level of personalized care. From the moment the patient is admitted, through surgical prep and recovery, each patient receives the complete and thoughtful attention of DISC’s dedicated staff.

Once surgery is complete, private HEPA & UVC filtered recovery rooms allow the patient to rest and recover in a clean, private, comfortable environment. Most patients are able to return home within hours of surgery.

What types of surgeries are performed at ASCs?

ASCs offer different types of surgeries depending on their surgeons’ areas of expertise. At the DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach, our surgeons specialize in spine and orthopedic surgeries as well as pain management procedures.

We offer the most technically advanced surgical equipment and expertise in state of the art surgical suites, routinely performing many of the most advanced surgical procedures available.