State-of-the-art outpatient center

Experience an outpatient surgery center where treating the source of your pain is always our top priority.

About our Facility

DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach was built with meticulous attention to functionality, efficiency and safety, surpassing all traditional standards. The entire 10,000 sq. ft. Surgery Center (including prep and recovery rooms) has a separate hi-flow HVAC systems specifically designed to reduce infection. Utilizing 100% HEPA filtration system as well as UVC (ultraviolet) emitters, any incoming airborne germs, bacteria and microorganisms are consistently eliminated. Utilizing advanced digital integration and ICU level monitoring the surgical staff work with precision to ensure each patients needs are dutifully met. The DISC Newport center and staff offer each patient an attentive, compassionate and personalized experience.

Personal Care.
Team Approach.

Our staff is committed to helping patients reclaim their lives from pain. DISC nurses are particularly experienced. Each nurse plays a critical role, whether that means soothing the patient’s pre-surgery nerves, assisting the surgeon in the OR, or gently waking the patient up once surgery is complete.


History and Services

Founded in November 2011, DISC Surgical Center at Newport Beach is an ambulatory surgery center located in Newport Beach, California.

Custom designed by leading physicians, this center was created to provide a high level of care in a safe and efficient environment. Unlike traditional multidisciplinary surgery centers, our center focuses on just three service lines: interventional pain management, orthopedics/sports medicine and minimally invasive spine surgery (both orthopedic and neurological).

Conveniently located just miles away from John Wayne International Airport, our center services the local Orange County community as well as patients from around the county and world. We treat all patients alike; our patients are all spectrums of gender and multicultural.

We understand that not every patient is a candidate for outpatient surgery. Our physicians generally care for adults that are in good health, and each candidate is reviewed individually based on their medical history and symptoms.

Our Mission

To provide premier surgical care to our patients, serve our physicians, and redefine the patient experience.

Our Vision

To lead the business of outpatient surgery into the future by setting the gold standard of care.

Our Values

Clinical Quality, Integrity, Service Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability, and Continuous Improvement

We believe

  • That our company has an obligation to be financially and honestly success Clients, suppliers, employees, owners and society in general benefit from this successful business. No one benefits from a financially unsuccessful or dishonest business.
  • That success requires integrity, clarity of purpose and knowledge that our business is honorable and its services beneficial to clients.
  • That to be successful, our firm must be a value-added provider of its services and it must be cost effective.
  • That our firm has an obligation to make positive contributions to each community it serves.

Our clients have the right to expect

  • Excellent, value-added services at a fair price that allows for profitability for all our firms.
  • The full, prompt and courteous attention of our staff and intelligent, honest, positively responsive interactions.
  • To be pro-actively important to us and to be satisfied with our service.
  • The Company’s non-negotiable core values to be at the heart of our relationship.

Our employees/staff have the right to expect

  • A work environment free from prejudice, racial, ethnic, cultural bias; and sexual harassment (in accordance with Title VII, 1964 Civil Rights Act) — and a zero-tolerance organizational sanction system for any and all violators.
  • Compensation commensurate with ability and performance; fair/honest human relations with dignity; and the individual is vitally important; and, a safe workplace.
  • Opportunities, through training and advancement (consistent with ability, performance t rack record) and available openings.
  • Prompt, accurate information about policies, policy changes, projects and events affecting their employment and the future of our business.
  • That non-productive staff will not stay with the company.

Our company has the right to expect

  • Staff to embrace this Business Philosophy in its entirety.
  • The opportunity to earn a fair return for its risk.
  • To bear its fair share of the costs of society, no more, no less.
  • The same integrity in its dealings with others, e. non-negotiable core values, as it demands of itself.
  • Continual commitment to Excellence from all staff members

Partnering With The Best

Injuries come with the territory of being a professional athlete. Providing medical services to Red Bull North America, Oracle Team USA, and other sports associations, our team is tasked with getting the country’s top athletes back to peak performance. See how we do it.

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