DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach takes a very aggressive approach to eliminating the risk of infection, which is a major concern for any patient undergoing any procedure. As our patient we ensure your safety by first cleaning the air you breathe using HEPA filters and ultra violet emitters, throughout the whole suite, not just the operating rooms. This is one of many steps we take to reduce your risk of infection and assure a quicker recovery. The Diagnostic and Interventional Surgical Center in Marina del Rey was the first Center built by our founder Dr Robert Bray in 2006. We are very proud that after nearly five years of operation our infection rate is 0%, well below the national average of 3-4%. Without question, DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach will continue to set a new standard nationally with its unprecedented protocols and procedures. Chief among them is the incredibly high standards and policies that the staff and physicians treating patients abide by. Very stringent rules and policies are in effect in regards to every aspect of our care and procedures from basic hygiene, such as hand washing to complex cleaning and quality control protocols. In addition all due care and attention was paid to the priority of patient care in the design of the surgical center, including investing in a $1MIL environmental air conditioning system throughout the center. This means that the throughout the suite, not just in the ultra-clean operating rooms, every air handler has true 99.71% efficient HEPA filters exceeding the industry standard, and as an added level of protection, UVC Emitters (ultraviolet) are used to destroy incoming airborne germs, bacteria and microorganisms. In addition, the air handling units for each OR and support sterile space are dedicated and separate to further eliminate any commingling of bacteria.