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26 07, 2021

What is an Advanced Directive?


An "Advance directive" is a general term that refers to your oral and written instructions about your future medical care, in the event that you [...]

What is an Advanced Directive?2021-07-26T22:09:03+00:00
26 07, 2021

Is my privacy protected?


Absolutely, yes. We adhere to the strictest of HIPAA policies. Every patient’s information is valuable and we take very proactive measures to secure these records [...]

Is my privacy protected?2021-07-26T22:08:47+00:00
26 07, 2021

What happens after my surgery?


Depending on the type of surgery you have, you and your family or designated care-giver will be given detailed instructions on how to care for [...]

What happens after my surgery?2021-07-26T22:08:31+00:00
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