Outpatient care can refer to numerous types of medical care offered to patients who are not staying overnight in a hospital. By this definition, an outpatient procedure is one that does not require an overnight stay in hospital. By law, a patient cannot stay more than 24 hours in an outpatient facility, and so the length of stay needed by a patient following their procedure determines whether they are in-patient (hospital stay) or out patient. Some confusion can exist with the concept of outpatient care for neurological and orthopedic spine cases, as traditionally these procedures were always considered major surgery that would need a hospital stay recovery. New minimally invasive spine surgery solutions allow patients to experience much less trauma to the tissue and muscles surrounding the surgical site, so their recovery can be as little as a few hours. The Diagnostic and Interventional Surgical Center in Marina del Rey was on the leading edge of this trend when it first opened in 2006, and it is based on that experience that DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach was planned. DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach can provide for recovery stays within the 23 hour window defined for overnight, for those who need a little extra time to recuperate prior to discharge in the morning. Outpatient procedures for patients that may have extenuating health conditions may be performed in a hospital setting for additional safety reasons.