Current technology and surgical expertise now allows many surgeries to be done at an ASC. Generally, procedures scheduled in an ASC do not require extended lengths of stay or extensive recovery or convalescent time. When your procedure is one that can be done at an ASC, you get the choice of hospital level care, in a more intimate and specialized environment. By choosing to have your procedure done at DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach, we offer you the benefit of not only your surgeon’s expertise, but also our center’s leading edge technology and our staff’s personal and attentive care. This combines to create an exceptional experience that results in quicker recovery for you as a patient. As our patient we ensure your safety by first cleaning the air you breathe using HEPA filters and ultra violet emitters, throughout the whole suite, not just the operating rooms. This is one of many steps we take to reduce your risk of infection and assure a quicker recovery. From admission through surgery and until you go home, you are cared for by a dedicated team who remain with you from start to finish providing true continuity of care.